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Double Swivel Catheter Mount

  • Connect to patient ET to breathing circuit


Material Description Packaging
SK20FT01 Exp-22M-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT02 Exp-22F-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT03 Exp-15M-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT04 Std-Flatcore-22M-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT05 Std-Flatcore-22F-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT06 Std-Flatcore-15F-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT07 Std-22M-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT08 Std-22F-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
SK20FT09 Std-15M-D.Swivel-Sampling P 40/BX
TUBE Flats,Collapsible & inside Flatcore
TYPE Male, Female
SIZE 22, 15

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