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Laryngeal Mask

  • To improve the success rate of insertion either in normal or difficult airway & reduce patient discomfort
  • Fixation Hooks - Use with Perforated Elastic Necktape to fixed the VLM and protect patient's skin.
  • Bite Block - Thickness Bite: <18mm
  • Curved Airway Tube - Closed to 90 degree. easy for insertion
  • Patent Design Ribs - to avoid epiglottis blocking the airway
  • New fixation manner
  • Do not need to stick on patient
  • To protect patients skin also can adjust freely


Material Description Packaging
VT-11300 LMA Self Inflatable/Deflatable Cuff - Size 3 20/BX
VT-11400 LMA Self Inflatable/Deflatable Cuff - Size 4 20/BX
VT-11500 LMA Self Inflatable/Deflatable Cuff - Size 5 20/BX
PT WEIGHT 30-50kg, 50-70kg, 70-100kg
WMAX CUFF VOLUME <20ml,<30ml, <40ml
PATIENT Pediatric

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